What is this site about?

This site exists (currently for now) as a template for our MUD (Legends of the Lost). It is currently in heavy development — you could probably call it pre-alpha. If you really want to check it out (we don’t promise anything) you can point your telnet or MUD client of choice to play.lolmud.net port 5685.

Currently the working theme is a fantasy-setting, with some extra science/tech from a previous era (think apocalypse that had happened). There is no guarantee we are going to stick to this theme (remember? pre-alpha) but we’ll see.

We will be adding updates in the coming weeks and months as to different features we are implementing, choices in the code, and other such MUD topics, so stay tuned.

One last note is: If you wish to have a sound-pack for the mud, visit https://github.com/stormdragon2976/tintin-lol.